Wednesday, 10 February 2010


It was a long night last night.

Last week out neighbors fitted a sensor light in their back garden as they were having problems with foxes. This obviously pissed off the people behind us as last night I watched as they fitted a spot light themselves and aimed it at our neighbors window. Hm. Very Neighborly.

I didn't think much of it to be honest, that was of course until I awoke with a start to the sound of my Son screaming like bloody mary. Now, let me first say, generally once Son goes to bed we don't hear a peep from him again until 7am the next morning. He's a good sleeper. So when he cries at night it generally means something is wrong (he's sick for example). Husband had only just gotten into bed when Son started crying (around midnight) so he went to check on him. He settled quite quickly and Husband climbed back into bed. And the cycle began, every 30 minutes until 3am he woke up and Husband went to settle him. Around 3.30am He began to cry again, I figured Husband must be missing something when he was going into Son's room so it was time for a mothers touch (just so you know... I'm not lazy, Husband and I have an arrangement that whoever has to get up the earliest for work gets to stay in bed if Son wakes. And yes, I was working early the next morning). So bleary eyes and feeling my way through the dark I head for Son's bedroom. It's about now I notice a strange orange glow coming from under his door. I have to say it made me nervous so I picked up the pace and burst into the bedroom.

I have to say there was a moment when I worried my Son might be being abducted or that something paranormal was amiss. The room had an eerie orange glow about it and I walked in to find Son plastered to the opposite wall of the window, eyes wide with fear. Oh my poor baby! I picked him up to comfort him and sang a quick verse of his favourite song to make him smile and then together we investigated this light. Yup, sure enough it was the stupid people behind us who had aimed a little to far to the left and were shinning the 1MILLION watt light bulb into my sons room every time a cat sneezed. There wasn't much I could do to prevent it at 3.30am and even my Son's heavy black out curtains weren't keeping it out, so I explained to Son what the light was and that it was nothing to be afraid of and hoped for the best.

Much to my pleasure Son got it and slept the rest of the night peacefully and I gleefully rubbed my glory into Husband's face who despite 3 hours at attempting to get Son to settle he had no luck. Rock on Mama.
I'll be making a trip to the light house tonight to ask them to point their stadium light else where.


Viv said...

I take sleeping children very seriously, I would have made that trip at three in the morning, no problemo...and *I* would have brought my screaming child with.

Eve said...

I think if he hadn't settled that final time I would have been knocking at their door...

Thankfully he slept perfectly the rest of the night and was a joy in the morning, because a trip out in that weather would have been painful!

Debbie said...

What horrible neighbors. What ever happened to just talking to someone if there is a problem. No wonder your poor son was terrified.