Thursday, 11 February 2010

Theta Mom Thursday

Ah sweet Thursday. Here we are again. Quite nice, no? Thursday's is my Friday (sucka's) and I love Fridays. A day for just me and my boy.
But this isn't about me and my boy, this is about me and how I managed to make some time for myself. This week it was much more low key, but equally as satisfying. I've been having about a hour to myself in the evenings 3 nights a week where I do my Davina DVD and work those calories off! After I've clenched, crunched, flexed and stretched I throw on my bathrobe, claim my corner of the sofa and pull out my latest "project".
I haven't told you yet, have I? Oh it's something I'm very excited about. Husband bought me a beautiful hand made leather journal for Christmas, with a beautiful bronze latch. It's only small, but very thick and it's perfect. I'm slowly turning it into the family recipe book. filling the thing up with my favourite recipes (pictures, notes and reviews to go with as well) and one day I plan to hand it down to the next generation. I've always wanted to do something like this and now I can. It's great. It's more scrap booky than recipe book but it's just how I like it and I've really been enjoying taking an hour in the evening to do my cutting and pasting and writing. I'm sure it'll be slowly filled through the years and I hope my children will add to it as well... and their children.
I suppose this could be constituted as family time since I'm doing it for the family, but it's nice to have a project. You know?


Sophia's Mom said...

Wow Eve! Exercise and special project time to boot! You are really finding the balance between me time and mommy/wife time.That's great!

And your project sounds fabulous. I always think about doing stuff like that but I never get around to it. Maybe I should take your cue and MAKE some time =)

Theta Momq said...

Girl, you are so awesome for getting yourself ANOTHER time out! I am only gioing to host the Thursday party once a month - so is that what you mean by not being able to see it on my blog?

The next is the 28th to come and link up! :)

Heavenly Housewife said...

What a thoughtful gift your hubbs gave you. I know you say he can be clueless sometimes about present giving, so thats so awesome. I bet you are going to turn it into something incredible.
*kisses* HH

Frugal Vicki said...

What a fun idea!