Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Drop 'em

On Monday I had an appointment to remove my birth control implant. Husband and I are trying for our second baby, which I find absolutely strange btw. We didn't actively try for our Son it was a just "well if it happens it happens" kind of thing. But I wasn't like... planning on it... If that makes sense. Now to think every month I am going to be waiting for my period for an entirely different reason, and not only that but sex takes on a whole different purpose in my head. All very strange...

Anyways, I had to have my implant taken out before my husband's boys could get to work so off I went to the clinic.

When sat with the nurse she asked me what I needed and I said thinking I was using the medical term for implant; "I need my IUD removed as my Husband and I want to try for a baby". simple enough, she nodded and continued with the general health questions.

once all the forms were completed she led me to the examination room, pulled the curtain and said "You can remove your pants and knickers now please".

I hesitated. fingers toying at the button on my jeans, nudging them down my hips and watching her confused.

I didn't want to disobey but.... why?

I stuck my head out of the curtain

"you're ready?" she asked

"um... no... You know the implant is in my arm right?"

She didn't say much after that...well she might have but I couldn't hear her through the laughing.

She did say something as I chuckled along and felt my cheeks redden, something along the lines of "Well it's a good thing you said because otherwise I would have been digging around in there for ages"

Apparently, and you probably know, and IUD is a coil, no an implant.

Crapsters. And there I was thinking I was using the clever medical terms. No such luck.

I'm just glad I said something before she got the evil duck lips out.


Heavenly Housewife said...

Ah you had Norplant? LOL :D
Do they still offer that as a birth control option? I've always been curious about that one.

Viv said...

Hahahahahaha!!!! That was a much needed laugh for today!

ModernMom said...

Bwhahaha So glad you spoke up! That could have been more then a little uncomfotable!

Miranda said...

That is too funny. :))))
Goodluck on Baby number two. My husband and I are working on baby number 3!!! Whew!

Nicole said...

Hey Eve! What have you been up to? Did you move to Wordpress? Let me know what your new url is so that I can stop by!

The Wannabe WAHM

Chloe Cougar said...

I've just come across your blog and absolutely LOVE your writing style! Please say you were successful in conceiving Baby #2 - and get back to writing when you have a mo!

Bloggy {{hugs}}

CC x