Sunday, 16 November 2008

In which I explain

Someone asked me recently why I call myself Eve on my blog, because (clever you for catching on) that is not my real name.

Well, if you've seen the movie "Young wives' tale" then you'll know Audrey Hepburn play's a character called Eve Lester.

I chose this name (and title of my blog) because I love/worship/lust after Audrey (back when). She is my girl. I plan on investing in a huge portrait of her and hanging it in my bedroom when I have some money. Husband is aware of this.

BUT in fact, choosing Eve because Audrey happened to play her in a 'Young wives' tale' is not the first reason I chose Eve. I chose Eve before I named my blog because of Adam and Eve. I wanted a powerful woman... and whom more powerful than the woman that sinned first and brought man to where they are today. shame on us.

Also, while on the subject of names... If anyone (that doesn't know me personally) would like to guess my name I will give them some money. "some" depending how much I have at the time. For example; if you were to guess correct now, I would be able to give you $10... BUT guess on Friday and I might be able to give you $50... because Husband gets paid... Guess once I've started working again etc.etc. I'll give you some more.

I'm like
Rumplestiltskin... you'll never ever guess.

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