Saturday, 8 November 2008

In which I have a Sabbatical

So, What's it been... a year? Last time I wrote here I was pregnant and working and married...well.

I'm not pregnant anymore, Gave birth to a lovely beautiful baby boy after the most gruesome labor ever, decided not having anymore kids after that shit, thought i am left with a great feeling of achievement . My son is 8 months old now and one of those babies that IS perfect. Sleeps through the night, smiles and laughs all the time and rarely cries (except when teething) and loves his food, and as of yet, despite having teeth, has not chomped my nipples off. Also he's beautiful (beautiful people make beautiful babies), looks like the gurber baby.

Not working, quit my job in August and am now looking into getting a new much better paid job start of January. It looks like it's all lined up just need to talk to the people who are hiring me... They don't know yet, but I'm sure I'll get the job.

Married wise. Yup, still married. Still happy. Had a couple of rough months after the birth in which I hated and blamed husband for being the worst husband ever despite (and I only realize this looking back on it) him being generally perfect and supporting. He's also a great amazing father. WAY too cute for my heart to hold it all.

Looking for a new flat to move into so we're back in London and it's easier for us to have a social life (difficult when all your friends live central and you live out in the sticks and don't drive...and have a kid),

Christmas is soon and it's true what they say about having kids, they drain your bank account... Well I've drained it buying him so many clothes and shoes it makes my wardrobe look minuscule (which is a hard feat)

This is just a quick update about where we are in life right now since, as I said, it's been a year. I would give excuses but really I don't feel I need to because, fuck, I just has a baby. Life changing and all.

I'm getting back on track now, so I'll see you all again soon.

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