Friday, 14 November 2008

In which I get it on with a stripper

I've been meaning to mention this before; I got it off with a stripper.

Ok, this deserves more than just a mention so I'll tell you a story.

Husbands 39th birthday was recently so for his birthday we got all our close friends together (about 10 of us) had a nice meal and a few (a.lot) of margaritas at The Texas Embassy (our favorite joint) and then headed over to a Lap Dancing club so I could buy my husband a Birthday lap dance. Exciting. I was probably looking forward to this more than he was.

So we get there and unfortunately the majority of the girls are well...not of our taste. Beautiful girls, just not what we wanted. Then we spotted this little fiery brunette who was going crazy on the dance floor climbing the pole, swinging, air guitaring, she was full of spunk and has this hot red dress clinging to her hothot body.

So I approach the manager and point her out and say we want her and the manager tells me she isn't dancing tonight. So I go back to husband and break the news, he says he doesn't want anyone else and he doesn't want her to dance for him anyway, he wants to watch her dance for me. Ok, so I approach the manager again and he calls her over.

Me: Would you dance for me instead of my husband, he would just watch.
Dancer: I don't dance. Ever. I've never done a strip or a lap dance, i just work the floor.
Me: oh. Well, I only want you. I'll pay more if you like and you can just go down to your underwear.
Dancer: (giving me the once over) You want me?
Me: Yes.
Dancer: Ok. But only for you, and I might not be good, it's my first time.
Me: Mine too.

so we go to a private booth with husband in tow, she leaves us to get comfortable and when she comes back she is smiling and giving me eyes. She apologizes, saying she is sorry if she laughs but it's her first time and I smile and tell her it's ok, she'll be fine, she's beautiful.

So she starts. She dances taking her clothes off rather quickly. It is obvious it is her first time but it doesn't matter because she IS beautiful and her smile is making me feel at ease. She stradles me, runs her hands down my thighs, cups my breasts.. I'm keeping my hands tight at my sides as I have read enough books to believe that I should not touch... She takes my hand and places it on her thong clad ass and then kisses me, briefly, and I am stunned... Did I pay for this? Is this how a lap dance usually goes? She comes close, whispers in my ear that I am sexy, that she wants me. The song is nearing the end, I can tell because I picked it, but she climbs into my lap again and kisses me again, holds me against the couch with her mouth, forces my hands to caress her hips and waist. We are still kissing as the song comes to an end. She tastes like toothpaste, fresh and she is so very soft and it's a shock and pleasure for me because it has been so long since I kissed another woman that I had almost forgotten how good it is. She rolls off my lap and sits beside me, smiling and flushed. I hope you liked it, she says. I smile and tell her it was the best and then she gets dressed and walks out.

Husband slinks over to sit next to me, I had forgotten he was there, he is smiling. I laugh and we sit for a while and repeat to each other "Hot!"

When we finally emerge my girl is back on the dacne floor with her fellow dancers tearing it up, we sit down, watch and then she catches my eye and beckons me over, Of course I have to go, and we dance, her teaching me moves on the poles, me failing horribly, she asks me to come back, tells me she wants me. I so very badly wanted to ask her to come back to the hotel with us but didn't want to step over the line.


I wanted her so badly, still want her. But I can not tell if she wanted me or was doing it because that's what her job is. It doesn't matter really because whatever her reasons I enjoyed it.

Husband has promised to take me back there when we have some money to blow.

I. Can't. Wait.

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