Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Girls! All I really want is Girls!

And I of course sing this in the "girly time" sense... Not the "I wanna see some titties" sense. Titties is a horrible word. It makes me laugh and cringe all at the same time.

Last night I finally got my long awaited girl night out. No cancellations and a encouraging text from Husband to "have a wonderful time". And we did.

Myself and two girlies (who we'll dub BigHair and Truf
fles) from work decided we needed to have a Christmas girl celebration so yesterday after work we bundled up tight and headed down for a stroll around the German Christmas Market at Southbank. I love German Christmas Markets with a passion. When I lived in Birmingham there was one every year that I spent every evening in from Dec 1st to Dec 23rd. Even if you don't buy anything it's a pleasure to just be there.
It was a very cold evening so we of course had to start off by purchasing a lovely mug of mulled wine. Now let me tell you, that stuff? It was strong! shoooooooot. As we drank we walked around the stalls, admiring all the hand made trinkets and beautiful crafts. We gossiped about work and made fun of some of the hats people were wearing (even though I secretly was admiring. omghats!)

After having a look around we settled munching on German Frankfurters and potato hash.

My frankfurter was interesting... It had cheese filing and although tasty I found hard to eat because every time I bit into it this white creamy/salty cheese good shot into the back of my throat.... I don't swallow FYI so this was quite disturbing for me.

Mulled wine, Christmas shopping, Giant sausages and girl talk were going down well for us, but something was missing. Ah! Desert! Lucky for me I know Southbank/Westminster very well (Husband works in that area) and so was aware that just around the corner you could purchase the best hot chocolate ever. Ever ladies. Ever.

So we headed into the warm quaint underground French Cafe and ordered our selves 3 large hot chocolates with extra whip cream. Now just so you can picture it, this hot chocolate? It's served in a mug, yes, but really you have to eat it with a spoon. Like a pudding almost. It's so thick and creamy and pure and perfect. just perfect. We ended up in the French Cafe for 2 hours (being served by the most gorgeous man ever. Like a cross between Brad Pitt and Johnny sharing our life stories with each other. It was amazing. We were all brutally open with each other and it was a great little circle of trust going on. Everything was accepted, nothing was judged.

We all walked out of there feeling bonded and pulling out our diaries to coordinate when we'd next be doing this.

I personally, cannot wait.


Pink Haired Momma said...

Girlfriends are the best! Especially over fabulous pudding hot chocolate and hot dudes serving you hand and foot! Where do i sign up?
I am glad you got some girl time and enjoyed it!

Chelle said...

Can I just say that your girls nite? Sounds perfect.

Except for the cheese in the!! xoxo