Thursday, 3 December 2009

things I do that make my husband roll his eyes...and will probably make you think I'm crazy.

I love to make my husband say lovely things about me and then throw it back in his face. Sound cruel but it's how we roll. Neither of us are practically romantic and we can turn each other on much quicker with a dirty joke and a cackling laugh. I like to break down my husband's walls, get him to confess to his undying love for me and then throw back a quick 'Sucker!' or 'Wow, you love me waaaay more than I love you'. He then rolls his eyes makes an equally snarky remark and we proceed to make out. Like i said, It's how we roll.

I spell words out loud if I think they sound funny. Actually even when they don't sound funny. For example, last night I was in mid conversation with Husband and I was saying 'It's just a constant thi-' ... I cut myself off and looked to the left. Husband rolled his eyes and then waited while I spelled out constant 4 times. each time saying it differently. I like how words feel on my tongue.

I call "Not it!" faster than my husband can. The dishes need washing; "Not it!" The toilet is clogged; "Not it!" A nappy needs changing "SO Not it!". My Husband never wins this game. Although he refuses to play, for me, these are the rules. I called it first so you get stuck with the dirty work.

As previously mentioned I love words. There are quite a few words/phrases and sentences that for the last year I have been trying to work into my vocabulary so they sound natural. It never works and most of the time I use the words in the wrong context. This doesn't matter to me, because I still think I sound cool. Husband is also a word/grammar freak and I can tell it makes him go a little more crazy each time I use a word wrong. This of course, makes it even more fun. My favourite "RECON!"... This really drives him nuts.

I am...uncoordinated. I am known to walk into walls, fall up stairs, trip over my own two feet, drop everything, smash things just by looking at them and repeatedly stand on my husbands feet. When we first met, I think he thought this 'quality' was cute. Not so much anymore.

Since Husband and I first got together I have always, always done the run and jump into his arms thing. You know, from the movies? Slow motion, music playing... yeah. Except, if you see above, I'm not coordinated. So it usually starts with me spotting husband across the room/street/building whatever then running/tripping/galloping/stomping towards him until I ungracefully leap and slam my body into his chest. He always catches me though I've noticed since I lost all the weight he doesn't sound like I've knocked the wind out of him anymore.

My Husband is very good at making up different lyrics when singing along to a song, the lyrics work perfectly and are usually 10 times dirtier. I am NOT good at this, So I do it all the more. Which makes him... yup, you guessed it. Roll his eyes.


blueviolet said...

I'm such a fan of you now! I love using words in the wrong context and I love using swear words wrongly as well. I also adore abbreviating words!

Theta Mom said...

I totally just got a visual of the music and the slow motion run and jump into his arm thing! lol

CailinMarie said...

aw. somehow through all that sass you sound like you just adore this man. funny how we manage to find just that perfect someone who gets us on a whole different level!

ModernMom said...

I am so implementing the "Not it" game at my house!

Emma Louise said...

Yepp.. Your Crazy!
The only ways I can get my other half to say lovely things is if I say ' Yes, you can go down the pub with your friends' with which I then get ' I love You, Your gorgeous.. blah blah' ...

Bless him.. :) x

Kevin said...

Hi Eve

This is Kevin from Closet Cooking ( You left a comment on my Pay it Forward post ( and your comment was one of the three drawn. Please contact me at lynch dot kevin at gmail dot com.

Frugal Vicki said...

For being unromantic, this is a pretty romantic post (stop rolling your eyes!) Very cute!