Saturday, 23 January 2010

Bath Ballistic

This was my bath last night. I know what ya'll are thinking, and no, it wasn't because of that.

One of my Christmas presents was a box of Lush's Bath Ballistics. Which is all well and good and most of them were except Satsumo Santa. Satsumo Santa was a citrus Bath Ballistic and he was last to go from my box of lovely smelly's only because I'm not a huge fan of citrus bath products.

From the moment I dropped little fat Santa into my bath and he started to sizzle and deteriorate away I was disturbed. the pong that was coming from the bath water was a mix between orange juice and fermented bananas and to top it of the sizzling action that is part of these bath ballistics started to sound like poor little fat Santa was screaming for his life. I don't blame him though, I like my bath's scolding hot.

I let him sizzle away while I went into the bedroom to grab my towel and strip. When I came back the bath was...well see above. Red. Period blood red. Not even like an inviting red. But blood red. I called for Husband, asking if he thought I should follow through with this bath after all. He (while holding his hand over his nose) chuckled and said I should give it a go.

I climbed in and was accosted by the even stronger smell of gone off fruit and was now starting to fear for the pigmentation of my skin. Get the camera! I called to Husband and he took the photo and helped me out. We stood together and watched the sand like remnants of little fat Santa swirl around the plug hole.

Good riddance.


Heavenly Housewife said...

I used to buy the bath bombs from Lush too. They are way cool. I love watching them fizz into nothingness. I dont buy them anymore though cause its a pain to clean the tub afterwards (especially if you get the ones with little bits in them--like herbs or flowers).
There are few things as lovely as a relaxing bath.
*kisses* HH

Viv said...

You're a stitch. The thought of 'period blood red' never even came to my mind. That may well be because the last time I was afforded the luxury of a bath as opposed to a shower it was when I was pregnant with my 7 year old.

Chelle said...

I wonder what would make them think that a blood red bath bomb would be a good thing to sell?!