Thursday, 7 January 2010

my winter wonderland

Everyone is England is making a big flap about this horrible weather. 30f and snow and ice and cold cold cold. But I think there's something kind of magical about it all. And I'm not talking about how pretty everything looks with a dusting of snow (because seriously...nothing can make Ilford and East Ham look pretty) but how people have changed. The same people that usually bump and rush past you on your way to work are now wishing you luck as you slide across the pavement, laughing with you as you both grab the same wall to prevent yourselves from slipping, older women clutching women in heels in an attempt to hold each other up. It's kind of nice... It's kind of like for a moment, busy London is becoming a community.

This all being said I can't wait for the snow to melt and the temperature to go up. I'd much rather be warm, unapproachable and stable on my feet than cold, on my back and smiling at my neighbor.

So, Christmas eh? A few things happened.
1) My Husband didn't completely fail at the gift buying this year.
2) I totally ROCKED the gift buying this year.
3) My Son was given a drum set....ihateyousister-in-law
4) My sister finally set a wedding date in May which means we can now buy our tickets to go home to California.
5) My Son is mature for his age and it seems has reached the terrible 2s.

He looks sweet doesn't he? playing with his gay kitchen... Well he's not. He's the devil. His mood swings are worse than mine when I'm full blown perioding it. One second he's happy and loves me and then OHMYGODEVERYTHINGISBADANDIHATEYOUFORBEINGTHEWORSTMOTHEREVERBECAUSEYOUJUSTTOLDMETOBECAREFUL.
It's alright if you didn't get that...

I'd describe the terrible 2's for you but I'm sure most of you know it from first hand experience or have seen it in action over the head of your frazzled friend/relative. Everything is no. He bites. He hits. He throws. He screams. He cries. He thinks it's the end of the world. He is totally inconsolable. Totally. And then... it's over and he's happy again.

Wotever. I'm so bored with it now. Husband thinks that since he's reached the terrible 2s early maybe they won't last as long...I then asked Husband "you do realize it isn't just the terrible two's right?... there's the torturous 3's and the frighting 4's and the fearful 5's and the sickening 6's"

Husband went into a corner and cried.

Oh and to add to this. Come March 25th we're trying for another baby! Hurrah! I know it seems very scheduled but it's because that's when my appointment to get out my birth control implant is. Should be knocked up by the 26th. We are taking bets though people. :)

I'm finding it hard to make myself find time to blog. Not because I don't want to be because I always feel I should be doing something.... productive.

This is productive though, right?


Heavenly Housewife said...

Daaaahling, here in the boonies its been horrid. Yesterday and today its been -12 and moi cant leave the house without fear of turning into a human popsicle. I need sun! ... and donuts!
p.s. your son looks sweet :D

Anonymous said...

HOORAY!!! girl girl girl girl girl
shewhohasnonameyet needs a BFF. :)

bet you didnt know i read this blog of yours, did you? :) :D \o/

blueviolet said...

This is definitely productive! Your little devil doesn't look remotely like a little devil, and I'm sorry that he's acting like one!

Oooo, you're coming to California! That's gonna be fun!!!!

Viv said...

This is the first time I've read your blog, and I immediately caught sight of the baby with the drums and thought, "Oh my! She is crazy, she got her baby drums!!!!" Sorry about that. I have six children, and I'm pretty sure that if we had drums in this house, it would break me. I hope your S-I-L doesn't have children yet, because it'll be so much fun to return the favor in a bit.

Eve said...

HH - -12?! wow... you DO live in the boonies. Perfect excuse for a duvet day and hot chocolate though :)

Anno - and E's BFF needs a giiiiirlfriend :D

blue v. - He is very good at looking innocent :) Are you in California too?

Viv - Hah too funny! Apparently my S-I-L getting him the drums was pay back to my husband... Her kids are in their 20's now and Husband bought them anything noisy with lots of lights apparently. It's not fair I have to suffer too!