Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Time to random it up chumps, and there is really only one way to get down with the Random and that's with Un Mom.
We'll start of with a little ego booster for yours truly.
While putting away some files at work (which of course involved a lot of bending and stretching) I caught two of my male work colleagues staring at my backside. It's not a first, but it was done in such a sit-com manner that I had to laugh out loud. They were both leaning back from their desks so far in their chairs they were toying with certain loss of balance. Not to mention when I caught them they both scrambled to sit up and look normal and then when they thought I wasn't looking gave each other a thumbs up. Nice boys, real nice.
I wish my husband told me stories. He's a funny guy and I KNOW there are stories to be told
but he never shares. Even when I prompt him I never get anything good.
Most recent example:
Me: How was work?
Him: Not bad, got in a fight with ____
Me: Really?! omg what happened?!
Him: He was being a dick
Me: Omg what did he say?!!
Him: Stuff.
Me: OmG Like what?!
Him: I dunno...stuff that pissed me off.
Me: ok...What did you do?
Him: *shrug* put him in his place.
Me: OmG like took him down tooooown!?
Him: .......what?
Me: .....how did you put him in his place?
Him: I just did.
The end of story that I KNOW must have been more exciting than that.
It drives me mad because I know my Husband if he put his mind to it
and remembered such things would probably be the best blogging material
I could ever ask for. But no.
Does 3am mean anything to you? Well if you're like me and you like scaring yourself with movies based loosely around the devil/hell/all things anti-Christ then you'll know 3am is the hour of the devil. Apparently a prime time for paranormal and demonic activity. So did it worry me when after discovering (quite innocently) that my family and 3 of my girlfriends all awoke without reason at 3am on Friday night? Not particularly... How about when out of curiosity I asked everyone in my office and discovered that 14 out of 18 people had also awoken without reason at 3am and taken note of the time? ... No, I wasn't worried. But it did make me wonder why the other 4 people are so closed off.*
For the love of god why can't I find a Bundt Cake tin ANYWHERE* in this stupid country.
Chocolate with caramel in the middle does things to me my husband will never be able to do. Fact.
*Disclaimer: I totally don't believe in any of that, but it's cool to think about.
*Anywhere = Shops within walking distances of my house.

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Viv said...

Bundt cake tins abound here, I just saw recycled, disposable ones at the grocery and wondered what they were going to come up with next.