Sunday, 10 January 2010

Sweet sunday

My devil child has been an angel this past weekend. Although he's reached the tantrum age when he IS being good he's better than ever. The sweetest thing. I guess that's how it works though, so we can get through the tantrums.

As you may recall I won Kevin's (at Closet Cooking) pay it forward. Christmas Eve I received my foodie package and saved it to open on Christmas. Kevin couldn't have done better by me. The box was filled with the most amazing maple goodies which is perfect since it's almost impossible to find good maple products in this country unless you're prepared sell your kidney on the black market to pay for it.

A bottle of 100% pure maple syrup which is sat proudly on my counter (I'm afraid to use it yet though because the sooner I use it the sooner it will be gone). A bag of maple sugar which I am soo psyched about because I can feel a cookie recipe coming on. A box of Maple Cream cookies which my.god are to die for. Totally moreish and perfect with my cup of tea in the evenings. I've been enjoying those very much over the past two weeks. Maple tea, which I haven't tried yet but will be trying tonight to accompany my bath, Canadian Mustard which I'm really interested to try since I'm a fan of mustard of any kind and some Japanese kit kats... Which I'd like to tell you about except my Son ate them while I wasn't looking so I didn't get any. He seemed to enjoy them though.

I'll be holding my Pay it Forward in a few months time once I've recovered from Christmas and my Son's approaching 2nd Birthday.

Did I mention I'm 25 next month. That's old. Ok fine... Not old. But it feels old. It feels old because I've really enjoyed being able to say I'm in my early 20's. Early 20's are good. Mid 20's? That's like saying "The fun's over but I still haven't come to terms with it"... I will never come to terms with it! :)


Viv said...

Wow! Now *I* feel old. Thanks. ;)

blueviolet said...

I just tried maple goodies for the first time a month ago or so and I was shocked at how good they are! I've only ever had maple syrup, but there's so much more available!

Young Wife said...

I'm almost 25 too. All those maple products sound great!