Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Awards, Vampires and Ovulating... really.

Last night I worked the Walpole Awards of Excellence which my cousin was organizing. It was a long 14 hour shift, non-stop on our feet workworkwork, smilesmilesmile. It was great fun but my body is paying for it now. Everything aches, but we had great fun. My Cousin's daughter (who I will refer to as Cuz, from now on, because that's what we call each other) and her platonic life partner (her best friend is a fella and she's pretty much a gay as they come) who are both my age, were there as well and we always have lots of fun. Made a bit of extra cash for Christmas (which is always needed) and also got an awesome goodie bag... most of the day was spent stuffing goodie bags for all these "exclusive" people... Goodies bag worth a good £100. The luxury items we were stuffing in those things! It's so odd to think that all those people with all that money get more free shit than I will ever get in my lifetime... No wonder they've got money, they don't need to spend it!
Ahem, anyways. Yes, I've been very busy this weekend turning into a teenage.
One word.


I've neglected reading the books or seeing the movie for a long time. Refusing to be a part of the Twilight craze and become "one of them". Mostly this is because I had a friend tell me the books were painful to read and made me promise not to waste my time on them. So I easily agreed, avoiding yet another fandom.

And then, Sunday, my work colleague some how convinced me to let her come over to my house and we'd watch the movie. I bitched and moaned through most of the beginning scenes, complaining about teen movies and fanatics... And then suddenly, just like that, my throat closed and my mouth went dry.

Enter Edward Cullen.

Now. Generally, I am hard to swoon. I can definitely appreciate a good looking fellow, but I'm hard to flap. And I definitely do NOT squee anymore. SURE I had my fandoms and celebrity crushes (obsessions) and my posters on the wall, but you know, I grew out of that, somewhere around the time I started menstruating. So when Edward Cullen walked into the school cafeteria in that first scene and he looks broody and suicidal and murderous and sickly pale and has creepy red lips and I instantaneously started ovulating and getting hot flashes... Well. I was just as shocked as my husband was when I let out a breathy "Wow".

Now, I must insist this is so unlike me. Firstly, I like older men (obviously). Secondly, I really can't stress this enough. I do.not.fangirl. The other thing is... like looking at that picture of him now. He's not drop dead gorgeous, he wouldn't stop me in my tracks if we passed in the street... But Edward Cullen is a Vampire and I would be quite happy to let him feed off me.

The whole movie just oozed this broody, aggressive, blood thirsty, protective, I-might-kill-you-at-any-moment atmosphere. His eyes....I take my hat off to Robert Pattinson (who I keep calling James, but does it really matter because it's not him I want) for making me twitch in my seat and cross and un-cross my legs a dozen times, and continuously clear my throat and have my hand subconsciously stroking my neck. It's been a long while since I've felt that first excitement and it was very much enjoyed. And although, yes, I'm slightly embarrassed by my new found obsession and become one of many, I'm also quite excited about enjoying this.

I now am going to have to read the book, though I am still nervous too as I'm quite the critic and I don't know if i'll be able to stomach the teenbop writing style I have been warned off. I'll let you know how my journey with Edward Cullen goes once reading.

Ah, also of course once again I always seem to know someone that knows someone. While embarking on shamefully telling my Cuz about my new found obsession with the broody vampire (which I got a lot of stick for) Cuz tells me her BFF is old school friends with James (Robert Pattinson...Who apparently despises being famous) and then offered an invite to the next get together to which I politely refused because I'd rather he not ruin my perfectly dark and seedy fantasy with one Edward Cullen. And of course not sure how Husband would feel about me going to hang out with the man that made me whimper on Sunday night.

There is nothing hotter than a broody, dangerous man to bring out my dark side and relish in it with me.


marymac said...

ohmygosh. i have a 15 year old daughter so i attended the midnight premiere when Twilight came out. It was me, a couple other mom drivers wearing earplugs, and 623 shrieking teen girls. But dude, you're right. The vampire is smoking hot. I heard the "Mrs. Robinson" theme music play as I swooned and ate drool-covered Raisinets. I left the movie with a headache from the screaming but the definite need for a panty change.
Coo Coo Ca Choo.

Sophia's Mom said...

I felt the same way too! I refused to watch it but a friend made me a few months ago. At first I was not into it but that pale vampire is SEXY!