Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The Difference between you and me? I make this look good.

I have one of those rare talents, that you either have or you don't have. There is no in between or "maybe"'s with this. You've got it or you don't. I've got it. I can wear hats.

I love hats in fact. In my teens I had more hats than I had shoes. And I had every kind of hat and style there was. And I pulled them off, teaming them with the appropriate outfit and walk. I also have a gift for not getting serious hat hair. Not sure how this happened but it did and I took advantage of it.

I hope you don't mind while I share with you some of my favourite styles of hats.

One of my beach favourites. The floppy. I love love this hat because it is so chic, so fashionable and utterly casual. Teamed with a colourful bikini and a flowing sarong and you are

(Editors note: I am SO past the bikini stage. Gigantic pregnancy and 50lb in weight? Goodbye flat stomach and hello wobbly bits that strangely resemble my grandmothers double chin)

One of my old favourite trusty hats, was this one. This is such a pimping hat (can I get away with saying pimping? I'm very white...) and to me oozes sex and cool. This is something I still wear regularly. Always have sweeping bangs when wearing! Trust me.
How can you not love this hat? The good old "Alright Governor!". It's cheeky, and it works well in crazy patterns (as above) or classic tweed. So much fun and I think generally cute. Works extra well if you've got high cheek bones, though if you don't this shouldn't stop you.

I wonder now how many of you cringed when you saw my next choice of favourite hat, but I tell you something. It's not ghetto as you may think. AND you may be wondering how I the lilly white girl could get away with such a hat. Like I said, if you can wear hats you can wear them all. This hat served me well when I was dragged to the clubs with my much cooler counterparts. I looked like I actually fit in! Imagine if you will the Charlies Angels scene when Cameron Diaz is dancing in the club. That was/is me. But with this hat... A whole new world opens up. Anyways, these hats can be fun! With a pair of boyfriend jeans and a emblem t-shirt and there you have it; cool and casual. Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera are perfect examples of women that can pull off this hat.

YeeeeHAW! Everyone loves a cow girl! Here's a little fact about yours truly, I want to be a cowgirl when I grow up. since I was very little that's all I wanted to do. And still do. Totally serious. I envy Pioneer Woman because she is living my dream. Anyways, to the point. My main pair of footwear are cowgirl boots. Always have a pair, and of course, you need the hat to go with them. Most men I know have often said one of their favourite looks on a woman is the cut-off jean shorts, tight white t-shirt (sleeves rolled up!), cowgirl boots and that cocky hat. One of my favourite looks too. I haven't been able to get away with this since moving to England for fear of being heckled... but know girls, In my heart, this is all I wear.

Now now Ladies, don't laugh. The top hat isn't only for men. And I'm not talking about those itsy bitsy top hats. We can pull it off too! It looks funky but you've got to be brave and extremely graceful (long gown, sparkling heels) or you'll end up looking a Butch. This is of course to be worn as an entrance piece really... I wouldn't keep it on through out the event but it's a good way to get noticed on arrival!

And finally the posh hat. The flouncy "I'm going to the horses" hat. And not the Horses USA style, The Horses British style. Where everyone is glamed up sipping pimms and lemonade and holding their wee binoculars. Now, as you know re: my recent post. I love a little bit of fakein' it. I'm NOT generally glamorous (only women with nanny's can afford to be glamours...oh I envy you) and I'm as I previously mentioned...a bit crass. But hey, I'm excellent at pretending. And you throw a cocktail dress and a big feck of hat my way, I'll play the part quite happily! And yes, I'm totally going to Royal Ascot 2010.

Royal Ascot is famous for their hats. People go just to wear big, could-set-a-boat-to-sail hats. It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. The dress code is tight, and if you get entrance to the royal enclosure (which unless you're bonking one of the princes, you won't) you have to dress very... appropriate, shall we say? No spaghetti straps or sleeveless dresses and all skirts must fall below the knee...BORING. Right? So, I'll stick to the Grandstand admission and maybe follow in my girl here's footsteps:

Now, tell me.... Is that not the most beautiful cheese hat you have ever seen?


Heavenly Housewife said...

Lol, the cheese hat looks like something i would wear. that is something only MOI can pull off daaaaaaahling.

Eve said...

I wondered if that could be you under that hat!

ModernMom said...

OH I do wish I looked good in hats. Hats are not my friends!

marymac said...

Love hates- wear em all the time. With 4 kids I have no time to do my hair!! LOVE this post- and totally in love with your blog!