Thursday, 5 November 2009

Theta Mom Thursday!

It's my favourite time of week again! In which I recall the good ME times. If you're a Theta Mom be sure to click on the button above and join in with us selfless Mummy's trying to find one hour a week to spend time on ourselves. It's harder than you think... Trust me.

But once again I have succeed and with quite a flair (Two weeks in a row! Can I get a hell yeah!?)

I believe I've almost almost got the hang of this "me time" malarkey and it feels quite good. It also (as they all told me) is benefiting my marriage and the way I am with my son. Patient super mummy returns!! (though I did totally delay getting home last night until I knew Son would be asleep...shame on me!)

Right then moving on to how I completed my Theta Mom Thursday, as I am gracious enough not to leave you on the edge of your seats. Friday evening Husband was scheduled to be "out on the town" with his fellow Directors across London, so I grabbed this opportunity for a classic girls night in. I invited over my work colleague (we'll call her Curls. A close 2nd favourite to Ms Fave...Wot? Yes, I keep a tally!) for pizza delivery, old childhood movies and a good quality bottle of plonk.

Now, Curls and I really get along, we've had a few after work drinks in the past and I really enjoy her company, so I was really looking forward to her coming over and getting to meet Son and show him off a bit. Lucky for me my perfect little 20 month old was on his best show off behaviour. As she walked in the door at 7pm, Son was no where to been seen.

"He in bed?" asks Curls. I smile and simply say "Where HAS Son gone?!", right on cue and looking cute as hell in his insect pajamas and with his ginger hair standing on end, out from the broom closet jumps Son, hands up in claw position and growling like a monster. Peeerfect. And to top it of, as soon as he saw Curls he did his whole big eyed bashful thing, smiled and said "hello". ACK, even more perfect. Curls and Son fell in love and happily played while I ordered pizza and got Son's milk ready. Now... I may have mentioned before that whenever I plan a night in with no Husband, Son always chooses this time to be sick and/or difficult and he ends up staying up late and generally leaving me stressed and with no time to relax. Not this time! My perfect little boy went to sleep with no fuss and a perfect "nite nite mummy" at 7.30 on the dot, showing off what a good job at mummying I'd done! A little bit of me wanted to collapse against his bedroom door and weep with happiness.

But there was no time for that! Pizza was due and there was that beautiful bottle of red wine awaiting me.

As soon as we'd settled in front of the telly with our wine and pizza (yes, we both did totally manage to eat a whole pizza and a bowl of ice cream...EACH) we switched on our favourite childhood movie "Labyrinth".
Now, I hope that when I say "Labyrinth" most of you, if not all of you squeal and clap at the very mention of the movie. Because, hello! What could be a better combination than Muppet's, David Bowie with a mullet, wearing leggings, brandishing a riding crop (I do love a bit of kink!) and crazy lyrics about slapping babies and making them pee. The first half of the movie we both sat silent and glued to the screen and it wasn't until the ballroom scene when the silence was broken with an in depth discussion on David Bowie's bulge, (Please refer to the picture below.) and how both of us could never understand why Sarah turned down Jareth's offer to let him be her slave! ... I mean seriously. If The Goblin King and his cotton clad crotch asked me to fear him, love him and do as he told and in return he'd be MY slave for ever. I'd be hitting that so fast his mullet would be standing even more on end. Our conclusion was, Sarah = fool.

Once the silent was broken the girl talk didn't end. And we discussed everything from parenting and government to periods and pimples. It was refreshing. and so much fun that even when Husband called at 9pm and told me he wasn't "feeling it" and was planning on coming home I demanded he delay himself until at least 10.30pm. Which, as a good husband, he did (I think he went to his office and did some work... I know!).
Curls headed home shortly after Husband got home (who kindly drove her the 4 blocks home) with the promise that we'd do it again soon. And I do hope we do, because I think that was my best Theta Mom Moment to date.

How was your Theta Mom Thursday?


tinahead81 said...

ok, i loved reading ALL of that! but the best part about the whole thing--besides your son being completely adorable and well behaved--was when you got to labyrinth. first the movie...second, i went to a halloween party last friday, and i guy i know(can't stand him, but he's a friend of a friend) was dressed up as david bowie's character...BULGE and ALL! he swore he did not stuff, but there was no doubt in my mind! LMAO!

so happy that you had such a terrific time out!!!

Theta Mom said...

I never saw that movie BUT what a fabulous time out!!! I could feel your energy throughout this post, you really had some "me" time and I am proud of you Mummy!
And pizza and wine, what's better than that? lol

Thanks so much for playing along!

The Penny-Pinching Mama said...

I haven't seen this film but i'll check it out now!

Great Time Out. Love a girl's night in. I enjoyed reading your post, your accent comes through in your writing! My 'mum' is from London, which she still calls home even though she's lived in the U.S. over 40 years!

Shelly said...

David Bowie scares me. lol

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a wonderful time out!

Anonymous said...

that was super fun time out!!!

that movie sounds great..

Heavenly Housewife said...

Hell Yeah!
Looks like a super fun evening.
p.s. you are naughty :) i see what you did to mr bowie

shawn said...

I'm missing out!!! I don't think I've seen that movie. But I love pizza. Glad you enjoyed yourself!!

Sophia's Mom said...

Lots to comment about!!!
1- Hell YEAH!
2- is it wrong that i read your blog with a british accent?
3- so awesome that your SON was on his best behavior!!!
4- I've never seen Labyrinth but I'll watch anything with men in tights so I am definitely going to rent it!

Hope you stop by my blog to read about my time-out!

Frugal Vicki said...

That sounds absolutely perfect! Girl time is exactly what is needed more times than not!

Clueless_Mama said...

I think that sounded like a fabulous time out for mom. I am so glad you enjoyed your pizza and wine! I have never seen that movie either. I will have to add it to my list

Flory said...

Time out with a good friend, pizza, wine, and a favorite movie - priceless! :)

Pam said...

I know the entire Labyrinth movie by heart.

Eve said...

Tina - That is such a brilliant Halloween costume idea! SO doing that with my Husband next year. I'll be Sarah of course. :)

Sophia's Mom - You must got rent that movie now. Such a laugh :)

Pam - Another reason why I love you!

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