Friday, 6 November 2009

A crying shame

I think I'm a pretty attractive woman. It's interesting though how my appearance in my Husband's eyes has changed as our marriage has gone on. When I was in my pre-teens I was often liked to the young Christina Ricci. Although of course, minus the Adams family gear.

in my teens and early 20's I was often referred to as a classic beauty. Like the old Hollywood stars.

Husband's nick name for me from the very beginning of our relationship (And even before our relationship began actually) was Foxy. I was a sex kitten. Cheeky, naughty and sexy. I didn't dress particularly reveling (though I am a fan of the short skirt) and I was not promiscuous in any way. It was more my confidence and my attitude. When we married I became beautiful. After I had our son, I was pretty. Now? ... I asked Husband if he thought I could model (as a joke) and his reply was "well, maybe, you're interesting looking" ... to which I responded "not beautiful or pretty?" He smiled and said "no. You've got an interesting look about you". Now, is there any woman out there that REALLY wants her Husband to tell her she's interesting looking? I think I'd rather he had lied. Some how, I went from this:

To this:

In under 3 years.... I think it's impressive... and makes me wonder if I'll look like this:
In 10 years.

Let's hope not.

I just can't understand it all though... Since whenever I look in the mirror I have only ever seen, this:


Hilary said...

I, for one, have no doubt that you look like the last photo ;)

Heavenly Housewife said...

I know exactly what you mean :(.

Chelle said...

Oh, honey, tell me about it!

Ever since I had Isabella and Madelyn, well, ugh. It's depressing how ew I feel :(

I bet you're a hot momma, tho :) Love Christina Ricci!!

Eve said...

Hilary - you can be my next husband :)

HH - Even though we try, huh?

Chelle - I feel you! and thank you :)

marymac said...

I would just like to say that I am in love with your blog because you use the word 'cheeky' and that I am not even mad about you using that photo of me when my hair was just a TINY bit frizzy that one day. Also, thanks for coming by Pajamas and Coffee and you are totally welcome on my RV Trip Across the Universe!!