Sunday, 4 November 2007

In which I am home alone

It's bomb fire night tomorrow but all weekend there have been fireworks.

I live on a top floor studio flat and it's perfect for sticking my head out the skylight and watching the fireworks across London. There are many many displays and I absolutely love seeing them, or even just listening to the crackling bangs laced with the sound of police sirens underneath. Ahhh, I sure do love England.

I would much like to go to a fireworks display. Husband and I were going to go yesterday but I ended up having a bit of an emotional moment and we decided to stay at home and cuddle on the couch instead, moving the plans to this evening... Which have now, due to un-foreseen circumstances, been cancelled as well.

Husband has been gone since 10 this morning at a colleagues of his house installing a bathroom... This is the draw back of husband being of the higher archey maintenance type, everyone wants him to fix their kitchens/bathrooms/cars/life for free and he's too kind to turn it down. It's lovely and honorable that he will always do these favours but gets on my selfish tits that it takes our weekends away. He should have only been installing this bathroom until about 3pm then we were to head to a fireworks display but because his numpty colleague didn't prepare and or buy any supplies husband now will not be home until 10pm...if I'm lucky. It's hard work having a nice husband.

Thing that bugs me though if this was foreseen i would have made plans with friends or just gotten my ass down to a fireworks display on my own, but I've been getting sporadic calls all day saying "only a few more hours" until about 6pm when I got the "it's going to be a late one". Woe. woe...

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind being on my own. in fact I love it. I'm very protective of my space and my "me time" and I like it in large quantities, but I'm a bit bored now, so bored I'm writing this stupid post... I could tell you about yesterday and my emotional break down over having a baby, or I could tell you about my husband and I playing the "honest options" game, or I could tell you about me saving my best friends sex life... But I'm so bored I can't focus and/or be assed anymore.

I'm sure tomorrow when I'm at work pretending to work I'll be able to blog something more insightful.

We'll wait until then.

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