Tuesday, 27 November 2007

In which I am a bitchbitch bitch

I have always been really good at being really nice. I suppose that's why I excelled so far when I was working within the hospitality industry.
Even on my worst days I was always capable of kissing ass better than the rest. It's like my gift, my forte, this sickening ability to be positive and happy all.the.time.

Not anymore.

unless it's after 10am and I've had a coffee you can fuck right off. I'm not even pleasant to the people at work now. I just feel really offended when someone tries to make small talk with me before 10am... Who do you think you are? Do I look like your friend? Do I look interested? NO, I'M NOT. Ass wipe.

And IF you HAVE to make small talk with me can it at least be about something, anything, other than the baby. I swear to god it was only two days ago you asked me when it's due... well, it's still February 26th and it still will be February 26th next week too.... SO STOP FUCKING ASKING.

I blame this spurt of "I hate everyone" on the pregnancy of course, like I blame everything on the pregnancy.

Welcome to your third trimester...

yeah, thanks a lot.

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