Monday, 5 November 2007

In which I think about home

I am seriously tempted to recklessly blow some money on a flight home for a week, or maybe forever.

FYI "home" is California and where my family is.

My dislike for England is not uneducated, I am in fact a biased anal American. Stars and stripes! ... What?

I'm feeling very homesick. I always feel very home sick at this time of year. Not only is Christmas approaching but also because I'm sat in England in November already wearing my long underwear, scarf, hat and mittens and I get calls from brothers and mothers living in California advising me its suppose to hit 80 today and sister calling me from Hawaii going on about her day at the beach...

Am I jealous? Yes. Resentful? Totally.

I can not wait to move back State side.

Now excuse me while I go play bingo, the lottery and online poker in an attempt to win money for my ticket home.

it should be also noted that this post was meant for yesterday but some how was left in drafts...You can blame me and my inept ability to work any technology or you can blame blogger. I go for the latter.

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