Monday, 12 November 2007

In which my husband truly understands

For those of you women out there who say men will never understand us, I give you, my husband.

Yesterday husband and I were having a cuddle on the bed after an active morning shopping and the like, my head on his sturdy chest, his hand caressing over the bump of our child inside me resting between us, feeling the little poppop's of our son moving.

"It's so amazing" muttered I

"What is?" Says he

"What my body is doing and will go through to bring our child into this world, it makes me feel almost primitive but... privileged as well"

"You know, I was thinking about that" He turns to me, eyes excited, hand resting on my bump "I was watching you sleep last night and I was thinking how amazing it is what you are doing"

I smile, feeling girly inside that he was watching me in my sleep "Yeah, and I don't get a break either"

He nods "Yeah, exactly. I was thinking of how amazing that is for you, how strange to feel another life moving inside you" ...I'm nodding, thinking about it more myself "but also how frustrating that must be" He continues "to not even be able to put the baby down for an hour or something to have a rest... I was trying to think of something I could compare it to that would make me understand better"

I'm flattered and impressed that he is finally realizing the weight of what is happening, that he has taken the time to think about it, that I am not alone in my thoughts, "did you think of something you could relate it to?" I ask, gazing lovingly at him.

He nods, eyes serious, hand cupping my cheek. "You know when my feet get hot and itchy?"

...I am silent, so he continues;

"And I get really frustrated and I have to take my socks off to let them breathe?"

....My brow is furrowed, wondering, no, hoping that he isn't going where I think he's going with this.

"Well, I guess it's kind of like that for you...But you can't take your socks off for 9 months"

He is. But the look of love and pride in his eyes stills my sarcastic comment and I realize that this isn't something he's just spewing but something he's really been thinking about, something he really wants to understand.

I kiss him lightly and smile "You got it, baby, it's exactly like that"

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