Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Randomness revolving around books and knitting due to not wanting to go to bed just yet.

Last week I finished reading The Pact by Jodi Piccoult (I'm attempting to get through all her published work at the moment) and found it rather heavy. As always a brilliant, gripping read, but none the less disturbing. And also...It was a movie, no? I only realized this about 3/4 of the way through when I started to remember what would happen. Obviously seen it before...A while ago though.

Anyways, as I briefly mentioned I'm attempting to work my way through Jodi Piccoult's work, which is an absolute pleasure but I always have to take a 2 book break after one of her novels. Usually something more light hearted, if I didn't, I would become Jodi Piccoult's characters I am sure, because she writes so damn well I start mixing myself up with the story. If this makes sense?

Well, after finishing The Pact I picked up The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs which I bought (along with most of my books) at the charity shop last week. On a whim. I use to knit and knitting will always remind me of my beloved late Granny.

I'm really into this book. And after having a quick google have realized it's been made into a movie due to be released next year. Should be good (not that I ever go to the movies). It's a fun, warm read and if you are anything like me (desperate to pick up some sort of hobby/craft in an attempt to finally become that "perfect mum") then you'll like this book, because it's again inspired me to pick up the needles and knit something! God knows what, nor where I shall start (since I no longer own a pair of needles and obviously do not have my Granny here to guide me) but I will! I will!

I'm going to HobbyCraft this weekend for SURE. Of course, I'll make a scarf first. Something......... Bright.

Wish me luck!


Chelle said...

I wish I lived by you...I think we would be great real-life friends :)

I love Jodi Picoult...she is an amazing writer. I haven't read the Kate Jacobs book, but now I think I may need to.

Can't wait to see pics of the scarf!

Eve said...

I will second that!

And you must read this book. I'm finding on the bus ride home from work I consider staying on until the end of the line just so I can get in one more chapter before I become "supermum" again!

Don't hold your breath for the scarf though! I'm sure it'll be well into next Christmas before I finish!

Debbie said...

I need to dig all of my yarn out and get busy! And I love Jodi's work but the Pact was difficult.

Grace said...

i have to say, i can't read heavy and super-serious books anymore. there's so much intense and depressing stuff in the real world that i prefer my reads to be light and amusing!