Thursday, 29 October 2009

Theta Mom Thursday

Theta Mom Thursday everyone! This is my favourite time of blogger week. I really enjoy seeing what you other mumsies got up to and also occasionally stealing you ideas for my time outs! I do hope you don't mind.

Now again, I've said this a few times on Theta Mom Thursday; I find myself sitting here going over the past 7 days with a find tooth comb hoping to remember a moment when I spent 1 hour selfishly.

But not this week!

Last Friday there was a leaving dinner/drinks for someone I work with. At first I was reluctant to go because...Well sadly no other reason than I was quite fancying a night in. It was when I said this to myself aloud that I remembered that "A night in" was what I did pretty much every night. So I made myself go.

My Favourite work colleague (well call her Ms. Fave from now on) met me at Leicester Square and together we walked to Jade Gardens. We arrived late (Someone threw themselves under my train on the way in...SO inconvenient for me) so everyone was already there and we received quite the warm welcome. Most I think because myself and Ms. Fave rarely go out to the work gatherings thanks to prior arrangements (see: laundry night).

The dinner was wonderful. The food was amazing. And Ms. Fave and I ate until our hearts content! And STILL managed to get out of there paying under 20 quid! Result!

There is something immensely satisfying about sitting with a bunch of people you know but don't know. I love it because you get to make the small talk, ask the questions and stick your nose into their private lives. And, if you haven't guessed... I love to talk and more importantly I love to tell my story. I tell a good "my life story" because there is a lot to tell for a 24 year old, and it's mostly unconventional and interesting (waving my own flat, you know it!). Like I said, Dinner was wonderful.

Oh, did I mention I managed to get the whole table to burst into song? Hell yes I did.

Ms. Fave, Mr. Baldy (premature balding young psychiatrist. I say this with affection) and myself were discussing what song the two of them should sing for Karaoke. I, of course, took it upon myself to decide and sang (quite boldly mind you) "I'm...having the time of my liiiiiife" at which point (and I kid you not my friends) the rest of the table finished off with a resounding (if not slightly off key) "And I've never felt this way before!!"

I, simply, was the hero.

How was your Theta Mom Thursday?


G-Zell said...

Cool sounds like you had a fantastic evening! Can i say jealous! LOL :)

Happy timeout thursday!


Theta Mom said...

Bursting into song, and I can hear it now! lol Fantastic girl. Sounds like a fab night indeed!!!

Heavenly Housewife said...

Sounds like you had a really fun night. Glad you got a chance to enjoy yourself :)

Brittany at Mommy Words said...

Hi! I could not follow before but now I am following! Are you following me too? So glad you got some time this week!

I have awarded you on!

Come check it out!

Sophia's Mom said...

I'm glad you talked yourself into going! I missed out on posting my time-out so I guess next's post will be extra long...