Thursday, 1 October 2009

Theta Mom Thursday!

I'm quite chuffed with my Theta Mom Thursday attempt this week. There was a Transcendental Meditation hour long presentation available to staff at my work this week and I jumped at the opportunity to attend and find out more.
I grew up with and around meditation. I remember there was a period when my father would organize nightly meditation sessions for the family. We would all sit in the living room and my father would talk us through it. I must have been under 10 years old, but I always remember how much I enjoyed it and I always hoped that if I got good enough I would start to float.
Lately I've been feeling I need some sort of inner peace. Some salvation not just from my busy life with my lovely boys (which I love, but we all know a little me time is what this is all about) but also salvation from all the "dark" (excuse the cliche) thoughts therapy is bringing up lately.
So I dove right into this presentation with no hesitation to raise my hand and ask every question I could think of.
I know, I know, this is going to sound C.H.EESY but I feel this could be my way to peace with myself. He sold it very well and I'm not the gullible type nor a believer in "mambo jumbo" as I usually call it. But I'm willing to try anything once!
Apparently people who practice Transcendental Meditation (And I have a friend who does) find they have better quality of life within themselves. Their not hippy and all fairies and shit, but they just get it. Transcendental Meditation isn't about enlightening yourself it's about allowing your body internal rest and your mind to Transcend (aaahh, get it) the way nature intended so that your body can heal and balance yourself. Nothing magic about it, it's all about nature. The scientific studies done on it (because ya'll know I'm one for research) are quite interesting....
So. Who's fallen asleep?
it's alright, it's not for everyone, but I got that hour dedicated to myself and also took the first step to my self improvement. I will always be improving!


Puanani503 said...

at least you got your "me" time and improving yourself at the same time!!

Puanani503 said...

oops..have a great weekend:):)

Heavenly Housewife said...

Well, we all find peace in different ways. There's no harm in it. If it works for you, go for it. Have a great weekend. *kisses* HH

Elizabeth said...

I want to hear more details about what it was like! Cite some of this research you mentioned or maybe explain how one is supposed to engage in such meditation. It sounds intriguing.