Friday, 24 July 2009

In which I am taken down

Husband so won this round. Last night he made Caramelized Onion and Goats cheese tarts, you may recall I made them a week or two ago.

Anyway, yeah, he decided to "show me how it's done". and I'm sad to say he did. He made his own pastry, he used red caramelized peppers (which he made himself) instead of mushrooms and he added cream and red wine. They were beautiful! The pastry was amazing, the flavor was a perfect mix of sweet and savory. At the end of the meal Husband looked at me and asked who's was better and I took the humble route and admitted defeat, which I got rewarded for later of course in the bedroom. Oh sweet husband, how i love thee.

Right, now, moving on to mememe (One of my favourite subjects...what?).

It might be known that I recently after a year of careful eating hit my target weight (When pregnant I took the opportunity to let the fat girl in me to come out and play and oh did she ever play) of 135lb (my ideal weight is between 128-138 apparently) Size 10 (in the UK...not sure what that is US). Was well chuffed and started focusing on maintaining my weight.

I've been wearing a lot of dresses and skirts recently and this morning decided to go down the jeans and t-shirt route because it's time to clean the bathroom (which I'm actually putting off at the moment to write this). Pulled on my first pair of jeans, didn't fit. Pulled on another pair, didn't fit. Tried on all my pairs of jeans and all of them were hanging off me. I frowned. No way I've lost weight because I've made a point this month to get reacquainted with chocolate and cupcakes. I check the labels. nope size 10's. So I get on the scale. 128lb. Huh? I am still baffled as to how I managed to loose more weight. Now, I don't want to be one of those women that says "oh I just can't put weight on, it's so annoying" who everyone hates. But well... Hate me if you must, but, HAHA. It's a bit nice after spending 24 years battling with my weight to be able to say that. Credit card is coming out this afternoon and Son will have to suffer through some well needed shopping for size 8's.

Also another reason you may hate me, I happen to be one of those annoying women that wakes up with my hair looking fab. I've never had to do much to my hair, mostly because I pull of the "wind blown" sexy look quite well, you know the one some celebrities spend hours getting done to their hair so they can say it's natural? Well that's me, I can give my head a shake and it falls into a mussed place, or I can grab a pencil give it a twist and it's a perfect sexy knot.

I'm sorry, but I'm feeling pretty damn pleased with myself and I figure no one else is going to say these things about me so I might as well do it.

Son is sleeping at the moment and my bathroom is calling too me.

oh sigh. I suppose I should do something, but I would much prefer to browse through littlewoods and order a few flashy dresses for an up-coming wedding and then maybe make an attempt at For the Love of Cooking's Coffeecake muffins.

Am I a bad person?

Do I care?

What do you think? :)


Heavenly Housewife said...

Alright then, i am officially hating you (kiddding). But seriously... crap. I weight 10 pounds more than you and i am at the gym freaking all the time :( :( :(. As for my hair, i was lucky to inherit a big mop of frizz (but because its long-waist length, everyone thinks its pretty). I wake up and it looks kinda crap and all over the place.
Oh yes, well at least your going to be looking fab for your wedding. Mine is tomorrow (part 2) Got hair appointment tomorrow.
Guess what? Made pret a manger apple cake today (have cookbook). its cooling. cant wait to try it.

Eve said...

haha. You're probably taller than me anyways, or have boobs. Boobs weigh something, I, alas, have none.

I need to go too the gym though! It's all good weighing less but it's no good if you haven't got any tone too you!
I have ALWAYS wanted longlong curly hair. Always. Damn you. ;)

Enjoy your wedding (again)! Mine's not for a couple more weeks.

oh, and gimmie the cake and no one gets hurt. Their apple cake is what I call bliss.

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