Wednesday, 22 July 2009

In which I want to be popular

I really must take a class in photography or something to spare you guys my ghastly photos.
Last night was Veggie night! Partly because I like to exercise my vegetarian recipe knowledge (since all of my family are vegetarian) and partly because I forgot to defrost any meat and couldn't be bothered to trek to the shop.
OK, actually the latter is only true and the first excuse was thought up brilliantly just now. But my family (the state side ones) are all veggies.
In the end though I made a baked sweet potato with goats cheese and thyme butter. Husband loved it, I thought it was o.k. and Son looked offended I would offer him such a thing. Wotever.
I feel a long post coming on concerning the perils of married life and an older husband, I want to word it correctly and not just have it be a post in which I vent.
I'm also (as pathetic as this will sound) have decided I am on a mission to make new friends. On here and in RL. I have 4 great friends in London, I have quiet a few more "acquaintances" (people's who company I enjoy but wouldn't call for a chat), but despite this my social life is of nothing. Most my friends work shifts, so it's difficult to see them, they are also all childless and so under the impression that I am not allowed out, and so I am never invited anywhere, and even then because they ARE all childless and single when I am invited out it's too a thumping club. Which, yeah, I know, I'm 24, that should be my scene, but it is so not my scene. Don't get me wrong, I like a good boogie every so often, but I'd much rather have a partner in crime to have a fortnightly dinner date with where we make our way through all the restaurants we always talk about trying but then never get around too.
This is going to sound even worse but; I want grown up friends. I want friends who understand the responsibility and weight of marriage and kids, of juggling work and time for yourself, who understand the guilt I feel if I AM selfish. Or maybe not understand but at least are willing to pretend too. I've just felt lately that I could be doing a lot more with my life. So, lets make it happen eh?


Heavenly Housewife said...

I know what you mean. Being a housewife I dont get to meet people. When u r working, you socialize with people at work, but for me its just my blog, going to the gym, and a lot of tv.
For me though, its kind of the opposite of you. I don't have kids (by choice) and I don't always relate to things that other women my age do, because its often based around their kids. I'm more into being selfish. I love shopping and eating, movies, and just fun stuff :D.
If you are up for meeting a selfish but funny housewife, we should meet up sometime when I'm next in london :)
p.s. i adore sweet potaotes, this looks beautiful

Eve said...

Ah but see, Although you are the oppisite of me you are exactly what I want to be. I mean I of course want my son, but I want to be able to be selfish again, like I use to be. I use to shop, eat out and see every movie in the theatre and now I'm finding it difficult too find that balance of self endulgence and also being the mum I want too be.

Funny, selfish housewives are my favourite kind of people ;) And I'd love to meet up.

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