Friday, 17 July 2009

In which it's a race for life

quite a few people from my husbands work are running the Race for Life this Sunday in ... Hyde park(?) I think. Anyways, there are even more people going to support them and have a picnic etc. (all assuming the weather is nice enough for it).

What should I take.

I was thinking to take, BBQ chicken in rolls, coleslaw, tomato/cucumber & feta salad, some lunch olives and then I was going to (finally) make Peanut butter cupcakes (for the kids) and Margarita cupcakes (for the adults).

Should I take something else? Or does anyone have any suggestion for things that will keep well from morning till lunch in a picnic basket? That's the thing... I don't think I've ever packed a real picnic so I am conscious of things going soggy etc.

I'd love to hear suggestions! I'm looking for a mix of sophisticated food for the adults and fun food for the kids.

Cheers in advance.


Heavenly Housewife said...

Wow, thats a lot of stuff! I think you should bring yummy french baguette with butter, cheese and little spreads. Adults will probably like that. Maybe some grapes. The brits love to fancy themselves as parisians lol. Why do u think they call cake gateaux here?
Cupcakes are awesome, but they are a mission to transport if you have frosting on top. How about a loaf cake *wink*
Are you doing racing?

Eve said...

That's exactly what my husband suggested I do, But like you are this wedding... My arch nemesis is here. There is like this unspoken battle between us about who is the better wife and mother. We got married same day and our boys are two days apart (she won that one... though mine started walking first. score!) so shallow I know but I'm on a mission to bring such impressing home made items to this stupid picnic it'll blow their socks off.

I'm not running...she is. So she wins this one too ;P But that's go because I lost more weight than she did after pregnancy. It's all about even right now!

God... I sound so petty. :)

Grace said...

well, if you're taking bbq chicken, you MUST take cole slaw. one simply shouldn't exist without the other. :)

Eve said...

Cole slaw, of course! hmm.. in the rolls with the chicken too. yum. Wonder if I can make my own, or be bothered too.

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