Thursday, 30 July 2009

In which I fancy a drink

There are only so many "In which...." blog titles I can come up with. It started as a clever (notsoclever) theme as a sort of nod at the Friends TV series. You know, how all there episodes are titled "The one with...."... maybe you don't know and maybe I'm just an obsessed loser. :) BTW randomly the best episode of Friends ever is "The one with the embryos" when they do the quiz and bet the apartment. SO funny.


I mentioned murdering a frozen margarita last night. Still feel that way and would totally take up morning drinking if it was offered to me right now. My one wish at this very moment would be to be perched on bar stool at The Texas Embassy sucking down a few frozen peach margaritas and munching on some chips and salsa for a whole day. Screw world peace, forget poverty and world hunger. I'll get to that tomorrow, right now though, give me a frozen margarita.

I remember once, pre-baby, this was possible. Husband and I would meet there at lunch and then just "forget" to go back to work. It worked what with Husband being his own boss and my boss loving me and letting me get away with murder. Those were he days.

But, alas, moving on to this thing (despite my attempts to bat away like an annoying fly) called reality.

Does anyone know of or have a good Burek recipe? I was reminded of this Yugoslavian tasty treat yesterday (random pre-married day dream when I would...GASP... Travel) and after scouring google for a good part of an hour did not find anything to my satisfaction. MIGHT make a first attempt at trying to create something without a recipe but would much prefer one of you kind souls to guide me.


Miranda said...

I absolutely love Margaritas.

When we first met, my husband and I would lock ourselves into (he lived in a fancy hotel in college...he liked the idea that they cleaned up after him) his hotel room for the entire weekend....with a bottle of bourbon and lots of fun.....hahaha

Eve said...

Those are the sweetest memories aren't they? If only we could recreate them!

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